Sorry the "About Us" page is not at all complete! Care of the critters takes priority and building the new website when the old one crashed has been quite the project.

'These are in no particular order just photos I like and decided it would be easier to just stick them on a page. Unfortunately the edges of the photos dont show unless you click on them. There is probably info about all the critters on the different pages already. I dont really have any info on my family though. I started this page 5-17-12, and I am suppose to be going to help a friend groom her dogs, and do whatever she has on her "Laurel" list for me to do, so I need to get moving!\r\n\r\nI couldnt be more proud of my family, even if I don''t have as many photos of them as the million critter pictures (as they have noticed and point out...)\r\n\r\nKeith graduated from MMI (Motorcycle institute in FL) a few years ago. He worked for a construction company in the area. He now works full time at a motorcycle shop in the area. He also occasionally fixes and maintains here on the farm and I just love when hes able to help. I never have to worry if its done well or not. He''s single and I hope one day will find someone who likes horses, and dogs and would love the idea of living here on the family farm. I miss that Keith has moved out! He on the other hand would like someone who loves dirtbikes and must love dogs and not mind dog hair as his favorite breeds include German Shepherds, horses would be a bonus...\r\n\r\nKim works for Elan Polo a very large shoe company and is the only female and also the youngest ever promoted to her position. She gets to go to China periodically for work. She is married to Justin. They have my only grandchildren, 2 wonderful, wild, loud, crazy boys; Ford and Maverick. (They get the wild and loud part from Dad, if you have ever tried to talk to me on the phone while they are here you will know what I am talking about! They get a double dose of energetic from them both!!) There are lots of pictures of them here and there throughout the website. I have my helpers usually a couple times a week, and they remind me to slow down and enjoy every fascinating minute, mud puddle, dirt clod, flower, feather and anything else they take note of. What is more wonderful then generous hugs from a child? (well I like puppy kisses too) :)\r\n\r\nKory, my oldest, has a masters degree in Dietetics, and health fitness specialist from St. Louis University. She was working as head dietitian for a cystic fibrosis clinic in SC. She has moved to FL to be with her fiancee, now husband where she got a new job (only 2 weeks after leaving the clinic.) She is now head Dietician for the Florida hospital system research center. No doubt she will work herself to death being the go getter terrific employee anyone would want to have work for them. All 3 of my great kids have excellent work ethic which you don''t seem to see anymore. She also has ran in several half marathons and a full marathon soon to be more! She lives what she teaches about being healthy. I couldn''t be more proud :)\r\n\r\nKory was married in spring 2015. Art and I had a time trying figure out how to both be gone out of state/country at the same time so I may have to go without him to the wedding.  :( Update: Art stayed home to care for all the critters while I went to the destination wedding in Aruba. Art had no interest in the beach anyway so his idea of vacation is to do another long motorcycle ride for the next certification, bun burner, or mile eater, I can''t remember which. Its 1,500 miles in 36 hours or something as crazy and difficult!\r\n\r\nKory and Rich''s wedding in Aruba was terrific! I bought them a camera that can do underwater photos and then used it almost exclusively so until she shares the photos with me I sadly don''t have any pictures!\r\n\r\nArt is my fiancee, he is wonderfully helpful, steady and kind. Fortunately for the sad critters I come across he does nothing to help keep me in check (discourage me) from bringing home anything I find that is pitiful. I couldn''t be more blessed! Of course that can be a double edged sword, since we then have to care for them all and its both costly and time consuming, even if well worth it! Art loves not only all the critters but he is a serious motorcyclist and has just started doing long certified rides for personal enjoyment and achievement. I go with him on short rides, but have been known to fall asleep on the back of the bike if its more then an hour or 2. I can sleep anywhere when tired! The farm here has me chronically worn out and sitting is nap time! My biggest talent is staying upright in a chair, or even as a passenger on a bike while sleeping. Car trips have to be thought out if I''m driving since when tired I am likely to fall asleep. My mother has the same awful talent :)\r\n\r\nUncle Al moved in a couple years ago. Our basement is a walk out and set up as a complete separate "apartment" with a kitchen and everything. Keith did live here a few years right after the house was mostly finished (contractors were terrible and left long before completion….) When he moved out my Uncle moved in. He is retired, most recent and favorite job was a learning disabled teacher. He is just a great guy. He often answers the phone for us and gets frustrated with me for being so terrible about returning the calls he has notes on. He also loves the dogs and they often hop on his lap for attention. He loves sports, Art doesn''t. He and Art disagree over what should be on the TV anytime they both sit down for a break at the same time. I think its a daily thing. I love having people around and extended family is a blessing! Glad I am too busy to add to the disagreement over what should be on the TV.\r\n\r\nMy grandsons Ford and Maverick are both so fun and athletic! They have horses they ride, dirt bikes are their favorite, which they ride and race, plus both are crazy on bicycles! In 2015 they started playing soccer and love it. When told to go play outside they have no problem finding all kinds of things to do! They even build their own ramps for riding over. Maverick seems to have an affinity for the critters. Ford is a very intelligent people person. Nothing is better then when you see a very young person be kind to someone to boost up their morale!\r\n\r\nLike on all the other pages you can click on a photo and it will show the whole picture better, and if you click on it again it will be even bigger. Use the back button to return.\r\n\r\nUpdate for late 2015. My mom and aunt will be moving in also, by spring of 2016. Long story on the blog page of the website as to why. It is proving more difficult to simply empty the garage so we can begin remodeling then anticipated. Once its all finished they will have a small 2 bedroom, 1.5 bath, with kitchen and small living room , all ADA compliant  "apartment". I did floor plans ideas forever trying to get it all to fit with no wasted space, and ADA dimensions for clearances. 23.5x 26 feet is a small space! But it fits! We did decide we needed access through the garage though, which was not part of the floor plan. If they wanted to be in the tiny house or small house movement it wouldn''t be a problem but they want more normal size spaces. They do have 3 dogs too.\r\n\r\nAs it is now our utility door currently opens to the garage and we let our mom dogs out to potty and play by going through there. We have  huge fenced back yard for them. We decided to keep a corner of the garage adjacent to the utility room and put a new exterior door out that "corner" into the back yard. So stealing a 6x7 foot corner of their apartment. We will then still be able to let the mom dogs out without hand walking them a million times a day. Since it takes space from the apartment we will later add a 8x18 foot addition on the far side of the garage longer then their current living room and take the wall down between the garage and addition. It will give them then a normal small size living room, with an entry way instead of a teeny tiny living room. My mom is 79 and still has red hair! My Aunt is 80 and also still has dark hair! They both have asthma. I wonder if all the inhalers somehow preserved their hair color?\r\n\r\n<a href=""><img class="alignnone wp-image-4450 size-thumbnail" title="My mom, grandson, Ford and my Aunt Carole July 2014"

We love our dogs, rescued critters of many varieties and country life. I have 3 grown children with lives of their own, 2 grandsons I am blessed live only a few miles away.

I have a terrific fiancé who also loves the farm and critters. He's also capable of fixing anything he puts his mind too. A handy man is just the best!

Plus extended family and friends who visit, move in and stay, or live here as a temporary home as they build their own dream.

  This page is not complete. 

Trying to just quick put the bits saved from the other website that went down onto here as they were found. I will have to fix everything yet, find and add the photos. I use to have a family page so not sure all this info really belongs on an about us page…. I still can't find the original about us page. There is over 15,000. pages of text that was saved from the old website. Each whole page on the original website was apparently saved every time I updated and hit "save". So many many copies of the same page in different errors of updates over the last 8 years.

Some of the other pages are farther along then this one…