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Well we have no idea what happened for who Raquel was bred too. Raquel had puppies 9-7-17. 2 girls and 2 boys, she lost one of the boys when she chewed his umbilical cord too short. :(

She was kenneled with Hansel, and who she was suppose to be bred too. Both are blenheim color. The puppies would be all blenheim color, and plus they were due to be born were due 2 weeks sooner. Apparently she was not all the way in season then but was 2 weeks after we seen her standing for Hansel. 

Well the puppies are all cream color with white blazes on their faces. Hansel is not the dad.

Counting back she would have breed about 2 weeks after we seen her standing, which is uncommon, but happens once in awhile and why we keep them kenneled with the male we want for the father for several weeks after they have been bred. They know much better when the mom is ready to be bred.

  We were gone for 5 days helping my Aunt Bonnie move from Wheaton IL to the Upper Peninsula in MI. Plus on the way back we had to get stuff from her place in Wheaton, go to my mom and aunt Carole's house in Arlington IL. We thought my Aunt Carole's house in Arlington had finally sold and were trying to hurry get all the rest of their furniture out.

The contract fell through though so we did an exhausting rush to move for no reason. What is left will all fit in the mini van when the house does sell. 

    Anyway she must have bred either just before we left and were frantically trying to get ready for the trip, or while gone when Keith and Aryne were caring for the dogs. Aryne knows the dogs well but Keith not so much.

Even though we were so exhausted I know she was only ever kenneled with Hansel. Looking at the puppies the only thing we can think is the father is a pug, or frenchie. They have the most adorable smoothed faces!

We are thinking because it was 90 to 103 degrees out all around that time we think she got turned out to potty with the boy group by mistake. No tie was ever seen, but it is the only time she may have been with a different male. It would have had to been an outside tie (where the don't actually lock together and often don't have puppies.) 


   It was so very hot out and in the hurry to have dogs in and out to potty with none of them left outside very long to prevent risk of overheating we do let compatable males out together in a group. We think she was mistaken for Hansel and turned out with the agreeable boy group. Whitey the pug and the cavalier boys are really good even when out with other stud dogs. Brutus the frenchie is also really good with other studs, although he tends to ride them and its annoying so he isn't usually in the boy group, but may have been to save time. In the heat we think she was out with the boys and one of them must have "almost" tied her since obviously she had puppies and no one know how. 

Our puppies are all born in our home, under very close supervision. "Deposit information," "What comes with your puppy," "FAQ" and "To get a puppy or not," along with tabs for other pages above, please check them out. A puppy is a very serious decision. Please do not get a puppy or a dog if you have any hesitation about long term responsibility of a furry best friend. 

Some of parents and grandparents photos and OFA certificates are on the parent page, (Orthopedic Foundation Association) for patellas, hips, hearts, and eyes as recommended by the breed club.
I am still working on getting them all uploaded to the new website. 

We care about our dogs and their puppies! 


If you love to cuddle with a super sweet dog who loves everybody, likes to play and go for walks, you like long coats, but you don't want to groom much Cavaliers are the perfect dog for you! 
Our Cavaliers are health tested, Champion bloodlines, and top quality, yet we keep them affordable for families wanting a healthy best friend. Some may be available for show prospects also. 
Cavaliers are not destructive, and are very good at entertaining themselves with a toy or another puppy, and happy to sit for hours on the couch with you. Excellent dogs for small, or large apartments/homes.

Mom's Due!

​Most all had puppies, at the time of this last update! Raquel and Hansel are due in September. She is getting round. (The puppies will all be blenheim color.)

We had a troubled 7 year old boy here for a couple weeks so we left it up to Hansel to figure it out, and we weren't paying as much attention. 


Candy was in heat, July, and bred to Quanah. She may have puppies in late September.

Robin, an AKC ruby, was bred to Bubba, our poodle, for cavapoo puppies. Grace also was bred to Bubba for cavapoo puppies. See the cavapoo page for them.