Thank You for your interest! 

 You can also email directly: dreamcatcherhill

 or call 618-372-7547

I always love to take about dogs!!  

​Emails are usually answered the same day unless there is an issue (often I'm the problem and have accidentally messed something up.) If you don't get a return email please try again, or call, I may not have received the email. 

Art and I work 24/7 with all the babies, rescued dogs, other critters, and looking after my Mom and Aunt who moved in with us. I sometimes am slow getting to the computer. 

​If you prefer to call we are probably home but often miss the phone.

I gave up on the answering machine. 

I can be dyslexic with numbers and between fast talkers and my poor hearing I could rarely understand the call back numbers. Even after listening to the message over and over I couldn't understand the number, so I turned it off.

  I decided its better people know I didn't get a message, then to assume I simply was not calling them back.


Sorry for any inconvenience! 


Laurel Grench, Art Neal

Hopkins Ln. 

Brighton, Il. 62012 


(Please call back, if no return call. My mother has dementia and takes partial messages, I may not get for days.)


Vistors welcome by appointment only. We often have dogs out and need to know if someones expected so we can have time to put any loose dogs in the house.