If the remainder due and/or shipping is paid by PayPal please add 3% of the total purchase to cover the paypal fee.

Non-refundable deposit

​Paypal has been added for your convience and by popular demand.

PayPal Credit is part of paypal and offers free interest for a limited time.

You do not need a paypal account to use the paypal link, you can use a regular credit card through paypal. Or we accept good old fashioned paper checks for the non-refundable deposit.

Families get to choose their puppy in the order we had received deposits, (by post mark date, or bank deposit date.) Remainder for the puppy, and tax is due when the puppy is picked up.

IL tax, required by IL for all pets adopted for personal use and enjoyment. As of 7-1-2016 the IL tax rate is 7.25% (There is no tax on those bought for breeding potential.)

Please select a breed in drop down box, after emailing, or calling me for availability, details, and to discuss if the breed you want is right for your family and home. We do not believe in actual "Buy Now" impulse purchase of any live companion animal i.e.: furry best friend. 

Once a litter of adorable puppies are born I email families who have already sent in a deposit. I start at the top of the list. The list is created by the date a deposit was post-marked, or by PayPal deposit date.

Each family then gets to choose if they would like one from the new litter, or if they prefer to wait for the next litter.

Anyone can plan ahead and put a deposit down for a puppy ready at a later time, or from a specific parent.  

Of course what time a puppy will be ready in the future is an estimate. Our moms like to keep us guessing as to just when they may cycle and then just when they decide to deliver puppies.  

Litter size varies and, its also always a surprise if they will be boys, or girls. Westies are easy, they are all white, but all the others surprise us with what color they will be. :)

 Please never buy a puppy as a surprise gift, or on impulse.  Puppies can live up to 18 years and deserve to be loved not only when they are tiny and adorable, but also testing teens, and aging old dogs.

Please contact me prior to snail mailing a check. No drop-ins, visitors by appointment only.

Laurel Grench

Brighton IL


adoption/purchase, as specified in our correspondence.

If you would like to help support our rescues, or one rescue in particular feel free to donate!  

Art and I cover all care and finances of the rescues on our own.  

Ours rescues get the very best care, love and respect we can give them no matter how "useless" someone else had labeled and treated them prior to coming to our home. 

I do not have a nonprofit status for the rescues due to the cost of an attorney needed for setting it up, (so the donation would not be tax deductible.)  

If anyone would like to donate the work to get a nonprofit status for our rescue it would be very appreciated!  

​Four Paws Sake in Maryville IL is a 501c3 rescue and they always appreciate donations for the many old, sick and sad rescues they accept. Donations are tax deductible for their rescue. I personally recommend them as they have a wonderful group and all their donations plus their own personal funds go to their rescued dogs and puppies too!  

Any amount donated is appreciated :)  

A breif idea of expenses: a bale of hay is $4.50 to $10. each, grain is $11. to $15.00 a 50 lb bag for horses.  They eat 4 to 10 pounds of grain daily each. Carley, Josey and Jay were all starving horses I brought home and Carley ate a huge amount! Through the winter months they also eat 1/2 to 3/4 of a bale of hay a day each horse, from November through March, and in drought situations they need hay along with pasture. We had Carley for several years. She has recently passed sway. She was a doll and we still miss her. :(

We feed quality dog food to all our rescued dogs also which is $35 to $80. for a 28 to 33 pound bag.  Our big rescues eat a few pounds a day, each. Small dogs even eat quiet a bit until they are spayed, or neutered, or if its cold outside.   

Big expenses: vet care, vaccinations, parasite control,  horse teeth floating, dogs dental care and surgery, any unexpected emergency that may pop up, and equipment needed to maintain fencing and housing. We had over $3000 in just vet bills in a month, several times, for our rescues alone. Generally its a bit less, but it's never zero! They are worth every penny. :)  

The donate button is easy to use, you can choose "other" on the drop down menu and then put a note its a donation in the paypal box for instruction for the seller.

Pay-pal does keep 3% of the amount so a regular check is even better, more goes to the critters.  

I do wish people would have given the homeless, or "in need" critters the care and home they deserved in the first place.  Please do not get a pet unless you really think it through!  

Please spay and neuter pets, your pets, neighbors pets, and strays.  Millions of pets, each one of them with a heart, and feelings are drug to the back room and euthanized when the shelter gets full, or the pets lack of training created an unruly/bad dog no one to want to re-train, or its sick from lack of care. Owner surrendered dogs and cats have no hold time. People have changed their mind about leaving their pet at the shelter before leaving the parking lot, gone back inside to get their pet and the pet had already been euthanized. :(   

Thank you so much for reading!