Mom's Due 

I think any of the Pei crosses are some my favorite ever dogs! They are smart, squishy soft, cuddly,

very easy to train, and just beautiful.   

Honey Bear has been in season she was bred to Whitey. She's hasn't had puppies in 2 years, so we're not holding our breath. Its now February and she has missed again

Current and past Ori-Pei and Cava-Pei puppies in the slide show, see current puppies and information below. 

See farther down page for available puppies.  

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Sky and Whitey (AKC mini Shar Pei and AKC Pug) have a litter, Born 11-4-17. 2 almost black girls, 2 fawn girls and 2 fawn boys. They are adorable! Little fat Shar Pei faces! :)

Black female, is available. We really want to keep her but too much going on right now.

There is so much to say about these puppies and how we came to breed Shar Pei cross puppies. 

By 8 weeks old, a designer Pei cross puppies are as easy as any Shar Pei ever was to housebreak (which means a day, or 2 only) and as sweet and outgoing as the parent breeds. The perfect combination! After helping with my Uncles AKC pugs we really appreciate breeds that are easy to housebreak! Pugs are not very easy to housebreak. 

​Shar Pei are one of the smartest dogs ever. They love their families. They can be good watch dogs, and either friendly with strangers, or they can be standoffish with strangers. They will protect their family from harm naturally, especially the children. 

Cavaliers and Pugs are terrible "watch dogs," they love everybody and everything! They may try to lick someone to death, or accidentally trip an intruder…. 

Crossed together they are excellent with children, love families and get along great with everyone, yet are aware not all people are nice (of course they still need socializing). They are healthy, and very easy to train. We just love these puppies!

I love smart dogs, but smart dogs can be difficult as they do think and get into trouble figuring things out for themselves, but with the submissive sweet cavalier, or Pug half they are so willing to please, and not quite so "into everything."

We have heard back from all the families who adopted one of our cava-pei puppies who each have said they had 0 to at most 3 accidents ever and that was it, they were housebroken. Most had no accidents at all. We have our first litter of Ori-Pei and they too were climbing out of their puppy box to go potty just like the Shar Pei do. 

Their size has ranged from small, 15 pounds to medium about 35 pounds.     

See Below for current puppies

Ori Pei / Pug- Shar Pei Mix, Puppies & More for Sale

​Our puppies are all born in our home, under very close supervision. "Deposit information," "What comes with your puppy," "FAQ" and "To get a puppy or not," pages are on tabs above, please check them out. A puppy is a very serious decision. Please do not get a puppy, or a dog if you have any hesitation about long term responsibility of a furry best friend. 

Some parents and grandparents OFA certificates are on the parent pages, (Orthopedic Foundation Association) for patellas, hips and eyes as recommended by the breed club. I am slowly adding more OFA certifications as I find time.  
(Many breeders do no testing at all.) 

We care about our dogs and their puppies!  ​

Bambie and Whitey have a litter born 2-1-18. 2 fawn males and a cream female. Bambi is a cava-pei who is very small. We expect these puppies to be on the smaller side then a just ori-pei. They are super cute. Please email for photos. They are about to open their eyes. 

Baby Bear and Whitey the Pug have babies! Took 2 years to get OriPei and now we have 2 litters!

born 11-14-17. 3 cream males, and 2 fawn males, and a fawn female.

3 cream males are available at the time of this update. 

AKC miniature shar pei mother and Alvin our AKC Westie, who has OFA hips, patellas, eyes and is CHIC certified (Shown on the Westie parent page.) had puppies 11-26-16. 

The puppies are super cute, and SO unusual!! They will be small, but not tiny dogs, the size of a slightly oversized westie, with LOADS of personality and are very smart! 

These guys adapt incredibly fast. Definite thinkers. Easy going with the other dogs and puppies too, housebroken, crate trained and the male loves to play fetch. (We haven't really worked with the female on fetch.) They have a coat similar to a westie, only they shed even less then a westie, which is almost non-shedding to start with.      

Since Westies and Shar Pei are 2 of my favorites, they are the perfect designer cross for those who want a smaller sturdy dog that can go anywhere, do anything, and have a very low maintenance coat with next to no shedding!

All the families lucky enough to get one of them just love them!

2 of the puppies went to a trainer for potential therapy dogs! Libby is just so impressed with how fast the puppies not only learn, but remember, and how fast they adapted to new situations!  

I cant wait to see them as working therapy dogs. Their person will be lucky to have such a terrific furry friend. 

I just love the cross but being unknown they didn't get spotted very quickly. Certainly a terrific cross we would love to repeat. Due to the unusualness they didn't get adopted very quickly so we will stick with breeds which are better known. 

My mom has made it clear of all the puppies she thinks they are just the cutest ever, soft plush coats, and fat squishy faces. I try hard not to have favorites, but just love Shar Pei and their designer cross! 

Now that my son has Bulldogs (English Bulldogs) We may try another popular cross of bull-pei. 

We no longer breed purebred Shar Pei do to the health problems they have as a breed. There is no test for amyloidosis which can cause shar pei to die at 3 to 6 of kidney or organ failure. Research is being done to learn more about it. We cant bear to have our puppies have health issues. To prevent it we are crossing the Shar Pei with another breed which virtually eliminates the chance of amyloidosis. the other breeds don't carry it. The cross only prevents it in a first generation cross. (not ore-peon to ore-pei, any shar pei on both sides of the family tree adds the potential problem back in to the puppies.)

Past Puppies!!