History of our very first French Bulldogs!

We have always loved Frenchies but never thought we would have them worried about the extra care they need, both for temperature sensitivities, needing AI, (artificial insemination), and c-sections as all a normal part of raising French Bulldog puppies. 

We seen them in person and just fell in love. We bought the first 2 girls we had ever seen. Unfortunately since it was a spur of the moment decision we had not done our research. I don't know what we were thinking.  

​Trinket the white puppy was just a doll and so much fun. She kept getting sick though. Took us a long time to realize it was due to her soft palate being too long and causing her to aspirate when she would run around playing hard with the other dogs. The vet actually just thought she was simply sickly. I didn't think so. She was always spitting up after running. Not at all a normal thing. She loved to run though!

We had surgery done to fix the problem, which worked well. Dr. Sculley in Hannibal MO is a terrific vet for that sort of thing! But since we didn't want puppies with the same problem we also had her spayed and then adopted her out for a pet, as much as we loved her. She has a wonderful home! 

Jewel the other one we purchased I felt sorry for when I seen her. A beautiful black and white frenchie, (had a spot of brindle, so she was really a dark brindle and white.) She was no doubt from a neglectful breeder. She wanted attention but was just terrified of being touched. She was 4 years old, and by her reaction to attention after even weeks she must never have been held and cuddled, let alone even petted and scratched, certainly never been on a leash. 

She eventually let us touch her without darting away, if we moved very slow. She was so stressed being in the house, even after 3 months, we moved her to a kennel with our blue toy shar pei who was her friend, also purchased the same day and also terribly shy from the same kind of background. Out in the kennel we made a point spending extra time petting her often and eventually getting to the point we could pick her up with out her panicking  It took months and months! I was shocked it took so long for her to adjust. 

Then we bred her. She was a really robust girl, loved to play and never had any health problems. Weeks before delivery she started having problems. We went to the vets often! They couldn't quite figure out what her problem was. A kidney had swelled, but her blood values were good. Hoping it was something with the odd position the puppies were in, really high up in the abdomen as discovered on ultrasound/x-ray.

When it was time she had a c-section, 2 healthy puppies were born. The vet had said they had never seen a dog with such a scarred uterus from untold number of c-sections, and/ or poor quality stitching? Hearing that news we had her spayed at the time of the c-section, and planed for her to be just a pet. Sadly she didn't get better but became worse. They tried all kinds of things, we even had her to another vet for a second opinion. They never could figure out exactly what was causing her issues. She developed pneumonia and didn't recover.

The kidney had gone back to normal size, a puppy must have been interfering with its draining, just as suspected. When we lost her it was devastating. She was only 5 years old. We had called her breeder for any history and he was not only no help but very rude.  

Molly, below with Art wearing a blue shirt, has been retired. She is the mother of Darla, and Spanky. 

We purchased Trinket and Jewel, our very first Frenchies in 2015, (see History for that fateful day below!) We then started the hunt for a male. A couple months later we found some very nice Frenchies for sale. Which we ended up purchasing 2 males and a female. So much for just getting one male. After having such a difficult time finding unrelated male Westies that are as nice as ours I am sure I was thinking really quality stud dogs are harder to find then even a stud dog prospect puppy.

All three are AKC, unrelated to each other, champion bloodlines, champion sired, and are extra adorable with great personalities. We want to have the best if we are going to breed them and expect the best quality puppies. Brutus, Buster and Fiona. They love attention and had obviously had plenty of cuddle time, no shy puppy-dogs here! :)

Brutus favorite thing is to run up to you and flop on his back sliding in for a belly rub! I cant say I have figure out just how long he will lay there, we always stop petting him before he's done. I think it could be hours and hours!

Fiona loves sitting on laps, and Buster likes his back scratched. We were head over heels in love with the Frenchies.

When we started to see health problems with Trinket and Jewel, who we knew would end up spayed for pets we wanted more then one girl and started looking around. 

We found 2 more females, Molly and Susie Q, who we fell in love with and purchased as by that time we no longer had Trinket, or Jewel.

Molly has since had only 1 litter, developed pyometria when she should have been pregnant with her second litter. She has been spayed and adopted out for a pet. Her forever family is in love. Luckily I had kept her only female puppy, Darla!

Since then we have had a couple litters and just love every one of them! 

As they say the rest is history! Frenchies are here to stay. My son, Keith is also in love with them. We gave him one of Fionas girls. We have 3 more  girls in a foster to adopt program. The family gets a frenchie and we get to use her in our breeding program. My son is already begging for another one. They play great with his rescued German Shepherd who is a 1 year old ball of energy.  

We have added an AKC blue merle male pup (November 2016), Merlin. I love color after having all white westies for so long the more unusual it is the more I love it! Blue merle Collies were the first ever merle color I had seen. I have loved the color ever since. 

Some of our frenchies only have the traditional colors on their pedigree for those who feel the traditional is superior.

We think they are all adorable, and whats on the outside isn't as important as whats on the inside. We cant wait for more puppies no matter what color they are!

Frenchies are very difficult to raise. There is no doubt we make nothing per hour as much money as we put into them to have healthy quality dogs, and as much time as every part of raising a fenchie takes. If it weren't a labor of love we wouldn't raise Frenchie puppies! 

"Frenchie" below, is co-owned with our vet tech. She is the daughter of Suzie Q and Brutus

Please email for parent photos if you don't see them here, as I have been pretty random about adding pictures.

These are gorgeous dogs!! AKC, many champions, plus most health testing.

Our Frenchies all have terrific personalities and temperaments.

They are as easy going as the Cavaliers and they just love children! Also they have all been great with other dogs and pets, although a couple girls will bicker with each other. What can I say, us girls are not as tolerant as most boys.  

Frenchies are clowns! Loads of personality and they will do anything for attention. They love to play and also love to cuddle. Great apartment dogs since their small size allows them to run around and have fun in small, or large spaces.

They are not for everyone since they are a brachycephalic breed (very short nose).

Due to the short nose they don't tolerate heat, or cold well and and if they run around playing when its too warm they could overheat. Just being outside in the heat they are more at risk then many other breeds. Also due to the short nose and short coat they don't tolerate the cold as well as many other breeds. They love walks but unless the weather is just right they are not a good hiking buddy for very long walks. ​ 

French Bulldog parents!