My attempt at "Asian style dog grooming!"

We plan to only have a few litters a year of designer Poodle crosses, Teddy Bear, Yorkie, and/or Morkie puppies. See below for any availability. Parents will be added to the bottom of the page, available puppies here at the top. 

(These puppies are Hypoallergenic, toy to small size, cuddly, fur-babies.) 

Amber has just been bred to Andy.Angle our only Maltese has just been bred to Andy (mid-January). We should have purebred Yorkie and Maltipoo puppies born in March 2018! 

Whoopi, a Yorkie, should be coming in season anytime now also, she missed last fall. Some cycle every 6 months, some every 8 to 10 months or more. We may breed Whoopi to the toy Poodle male, Cappuccino for yorkipoo's. 

Teddy Bear puppies!

Ellie my daughters, black and white, Shichon and Bubba had 4 puppies last year. They have all been adopted!

We will breed her again in 2018. They are hypoallergenic, non-shedding and very sweet.

Easy to train and both parents love children, and get along with all the other dogs and animals on the farm.

The black female Aryne is going to keep.

2 of the boys were adopted each by families who came to see westies, and did put a deposit down for a westie. The relative who accompanied them here to see the puppies decide they had to have a teddy bear themselves! They are just that cute, soft and snuggly :) 

Bubba snoozing with his bestie Cappuccino. AKC toy poodle, Cappuccino, is our newest stud dog prospect, a chocolate merle! Bubba grew to be a bit to big to breed to Angle, since she is barely 5 pounds, and he is 12 pounds, so I wanted a tiny poodle male. It took months to come up with a name for him! (More photos of Bubba on the cava-poo page)

My affinity for unique color prompted me to look for my favorite color of all time which is blue merle. Chocolate is even more popular and dilute so he will produce blue merle cava-poo puppies, and maybe chocolate if the genes are there for the dilute in the Cavalier. We can also breed him to yorkies or Angle the Maltese for merle color Morkie or yorkiepoo puppies in 2018.

Cavapoos are proving to be one of the favorite crosses families are looking for. I can see why, they are terrific :) I love the smart dogs and poodle's top the list. Cavaliers are super sweet and snuggly so adding a bit more brains, and decreasing shedding to almost nothing makes for a terrific companion!

The yorkies are just wonderful and adding poodle makes for a terrific hypoallergenic fluffy dog that is easier to train then a yorkie and super cute!

The Maltese are full of themselves and so tiny. Perfect for those who want a really small dog that has some spunk. ​

Black male at 6 weeks old. Bubba likes him too. 

Photos below at 3 weeks old

Hypoallergenic puppies!

These puppies are all hypoallergenic non-shedding tiny to small size dogs. Westies are also hypoallergenic, but they have their own page :)  

Angel is a purebred Maltese, only weighs 5 pounds and is grown. APRI registered. Sire is AKC, with a very nice pedigree. 

Angel thinks she is a princess, only under Jasmin, our spayed pet Pomeranian Queen Bee, who beehives she is Art's bodyguard.

We thought Westies had sass! Angel at 3 months and 1.5 pounds was going to take down a Shepherd who invaded "her" home. Granted she had to start at the dogs' toes, since that was all that could fit in her mouth, but bite her toes she did! Dixie was curious, but not impressed, and tried not to step on her. :)

She has since learned its not polite to try and chase visiting dogs out of the house. She still is ready to put them in their place should they not follow her rules, but she's more obedient and looks to see if I am watching! 

After watching her I now understand how there are so many tiny terrors in the dog world with people who have no idea what to do, or mistakenly think its "cute". Angel was reprimanded for acting out of line.

At our home us people rule the roost and we get to decide if visitors are welcome. I think life runs a bit smoother this way. 

​When Angel is old enough we will breed her to our 4.5 pound Yorkie for Morkie puppies. If she cycles on average she will be bred about September 2017, I may have missed seeing her in season since its not November....

How Angel came to be "one of the pack."

When got Angel she was almost dead, and only 12 days old. We heard of her distress through someone looking to buy a motorcycle from Art. We insisted they take the pup to a vet for care. Their vet said she was "fine" and didn't do anything to help.

I explained she was going to die if she wasn't treated. I offered to take the puppy and try to save her. They agreed to bring her to me.

A limp half-dead puppy was placed in my hand. She was a fat puppy, but limp as a dishrag, and had terrible yellow foamy diarrhea. In addition to those obvious signs for alarm she would not nurse, and had been crying piteously for almost 18 hours by the time they brought her to us!  

Our vet is much better and will treat tiny babies. I had to tube feed her as she was too weak to even swallow without risk of aspirating.

After a week she could take a bottle and was on the mend. 

We ended up purchasing the puppy to keep her from going back to where she had come from. 3 of her litter-mates had died before we got her. The acquaintance who was the one who had helped little angel find her way to us had also said Angel's mom was so matted the groomer had told the family it was actual neglect. The 5 pound matted mom is was allowed to roam the neighborhood without supervision. 

Needless to say I was very attached to the baby after feeding her every 2 to 4 hours around the clock for weeks and wanted her safe.

​Maltese are a bit difficult to housebreak and she is unfortunately not an exception. She will still have accidents at 10 months of age. Much better then she had been. In part it is our fault too as we are use to our easy to housebreak dogs and did not watch her as well as we should. The cross with another breed, particularly a poodle is said to be much easier to housebreak. Our Poodle, AKC Bubba is too large as he is 12 pounds. We are hoping Cappuccino, our AKC chocolate merle poodle, will be small enough. Otherwise our 5 pound yorkie will be happy to father a litter.