Our very first pug we adopted was to be pick of the litter male, from an expected litter. Well the "litter" was a single fawn female puppy. We named the tiny thing Peanut Butter.

She was a live wire! Super cute and very small. When she was a she I had started the search all over, for a male, its how we found Cecil Turtle, and Uncle Al ended up with Pugs.

My grandsons loved playing with the 2 puppies, hiding under blankets on the floor while the puppies pounced all over them.


June 2016 Sadly Peanut Butter, our only pug who was not AKC registered was acting odd. We called the after hours emergency vet and before we could get her to there she became unresponsive and suddenly passed away. It was terrible we tried CPR and everything we could think of. Necropsy showed she had a mis-shaped and very enlarged heart. No doubt she had a heart attack. She was only 16 months old. We had Whitey, Sugar and Glitters hearts looked at by a cardiologist at the last health clinic just to be sure they too didn't have a problem. Pugs aren't on the list for recommended cardiac exams. We plan to have any we are going to breed examined by a Cardiologist. It can happen in any breed to any puppy just as an anomaly. Peanut didn't have any symptoms, other then being particularly small, but her dad was super tiny and already 9 years old with no health problems. 

We miss her terribly. :(

RIP Peanut Butter

AKC Pug parents!

"Sir White Lighting", Whitey. He has the double curl tail, and a great huge head with "smushed" face. Such a love bug.

He though, when we first got him was far from housebroken. He would mark; the girls, us if we hold still, and anything else. Needless to say he was on a leash when inside the house and still watched closely.

He is crate trained and gets to run around loose in the yard to play and exercise when not crated. They had told us the dogs had a doggie door off their doggie room and would go outside to potty with no accidents. We do have lots of females in heat and its very hard on stud dogs in this situation. Were hoping he gets the hang of it. He loves everyone he meets! No doubt he has classic sweet Pug personality and adorable looks!

Update: Whitey is now much better about waiting until outside to mark. He still will go right on the girls when outside, but even when our vet tech borrowed him she said he was actually very good in the house.

​Photo at 18 months. I need to take some new pictures his head is even bigger now that he's more mature. 

He has sired litters with Pugs, and it took almost 2 years but we finally have our first litter of Ori-Pei puppies in 2017! They are ADORABLE! See the Shar Pei hybrid page for their pictures. True to the Shar Pei half they are super neat and clean puppies. At 4 weeks they were struggling to get out of their box (bed) to not potty in there. They are a breeze to housebreak. 

History of how My Uncle AL started with Pugs. 

My Uncle moved in with us a several years ago. He is retired, his last job was his all time favorite, a learning disabled teacher for over 15 years. He avoids the mid-west cold by going to Louisiana for the worst part of the winter where he had raised his family.

He dislikes my writing as it has so many grammar errors he can't read it. Some day he may tackle this page and correct it himself. Until then please forgive my scattered ramblings and poor grammar!

Uncle Al loves dogs and often has someone sitting in his lap when he is watching TV or playing on the computer. He had always had a dog as a best buddy and I thought he needed his own who would be more attached to him then us.


If you have read any on the Shar Pei page you would know we planned to get a male pug to breed to our Shar Pei.

I love the Shar Pei!! Shar Pei sadly often have a fatal disease that most often causes premature kidney failure we discovered the hard way, as the breeders keep it very hush hush. :( They also have a few other health problems but the amyloidosis, which ruins the kidneys, is the deadly problem. Its a recessive trait only found as a breed problem in Shar Pei. All purebred Shar Pei carry the possibility to have the problem. 

Because its recessive the Pug the Shar pei / Pug cross puppies will not have the problem. Pugs don't carry it. 

It is an great example of hybrids being hardier then a purebred. Its not automatic in all instances but with this cross it is true.

We needed a quality AKC pug to breed our AKC Shar Pei for "Ori-Pei" puppies (what Shar Pei / Pug cross puppies are called). Personaly I think Shar-Pug or Pug -Pei makes more sense for a hybrid name. 

Many breeders do not use AKC registered dogs when making crosses/desinger dogs but we felt it was important to know what we were getting, besides still doing breed recommended health testing for each breed not just random dogs with no history. AKC is the only way to go for bloodline accuracy.

Since we needed a male I searched and found a white AKC Pug male pup, we named "Cecil Turtle". 

White is a rare color in Pugs, it has been DNA tested to be purebred Pug in AKC registered Pugs, and these are all AKC registered Pugs. 

Art and Uncle Al drove a 17 hour trip to get Cecil Turtle, our future stud dog puppy.  I stayed home with the pack since Art and I can never leave at the same time for a long trip.

I was excited to find a recessive colored Pug so when we have puppies we can still get the huge range of color the Shar Pei come in. Otherwise the pups would be fawn, or black. 

Long story (trying to be) short: The family who had Cecil's father, plus 2, 18 month old Pug moms, and a 6 month old Pug pup contacted us after we had adopted Cecil.

They had decided to sell their pugs in order to travel. They didnt know how to ensure they would go to a good home until they met Art and Uncle Al when they had picked up Cecil.

They offered the group to us and Uncle Al as a package. I felt it would give my Uncle some doggie friends of his own, and something to do besides watch TV! It is working out wonderfully.   

Dilly my Uncles fawn pup who was 6 months old in the group photos above and 23 months in the photos below.She was a wild child as a puppy! She loves to rough house with the other pups, kids, or anyone who will play with her. She has a lot of energy but isn't hyper. She will nap in her crate and is very well behaved. 

Dilly likes to hop up on anyones lap and play with whoever else is occupying the lap, as you can see from the photos. She is super cute! Uncle Al just raves how sweet they all are and constantly says how beautiful Dilly is.

She is much more snuggly and happy to cuddle now that she's a bit older.

This is Sonnyboy, the father of both Diva and Debutante, born in 2015 and Sally Cant Dance, born in 2016. They are all full sisters.

Diva is a house pet who lives with our vet-tech, Andrea with a "foster to adopt contract."

Sonnyboy lives in WI and Uncle Al took Sugar up there to be bred in 2015 and again in 2016 since we didn't have a male unrelated to Sugar to breed her. We also hoped to get brindle color puppies. Sally is a brindle.

Diva has had a litter with both black and brindle puppies to a fawn male.

AKC Hank of Medora. A talented fawn male we occasionally use for stud service. 

Sugar and Glitter were both 18 months old when they moved in, and in the first photos with Uncle Al. They were mostly housebroken, crate trained, and as expected they ADORE Uncle Al.

He/we built a fenced yard outside his door. (we have a walk-out basement which is set up as a complete separate apartment. I love it. Al has his own space and yet with basement stairs we can still be family.) He takes the pugs out into his yard and sits with them as they play and have a chance to potty outside. They love to sit on his lap. He in turn talks to them all the time and they get tons of attention! Sugar loves the kids and anyone who will pet her. Glitter was a bit shy at first and likes the kids attention only if they sit in Al's chair. Sugar is very white, Glitter is a white sliver. Dilly was 6 months old and is the fawn. She was a bundle of energy! They are all are super cute!

Photos of Cecil at 8 weeks and then 3 months old, at the top of the page. He is super cute. Since we have Whitey, his father, and Glitter his mother Cecil hasn't had a chance to be a parent yet.