Caboodle and rarely small non-shedding dogs: Yorkie, Morkie, and more. 


​(known more as English bulldogs)

 AKC Cavaleir King Charles Spaniels

Puppies occasionaly available!



AKC French Bulldogs

Puppies available! 

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Flint Creek

(English) Bulldogs, and French Bulldogs.

My grown son also has a few wonderful dogs, Bulldogs and one Frenchie. Plus he has 2 rescued German Shepherds. Bulldogs are just love bugs! 

 (I do the correspondence for him.) email

Uncle Al's

​    Pugs!

Designer Shar Pei 

Cava-Pei ( AKC Shar Pei/ AKC Cavalier)

Ori-Pei (AKC Shar Pei/AKC Pug)

The perfect cross for healthy, puppies as intelligent and easy to housebreak as a Shar Pei but healthy with hybrid vigor!


Cava-Pei, Ori-Pei

​ and


French Bulldogs!

AKC West Highland White Terriers

available regularly. I have raised westies for over 25 years now. We believe in health testing! 

With the old website down its going to take me awhile to turn this website into the extensive information base I had. 


Hypoallergenic Dogs; 

Poodle and Poodle crosses, Yorkie, Teddy Bear and Morkie occasionally.


Mini AKC Chinese Shar Pei

Adults; Horse, Brush and Bear coats.

See Designer Shar Pei page below, for healthier puppies. ​​


AKC Registered Puppies from IL

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Uncle Al's Pugs

New babies!

AKC White Pug puppies :)

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Fawn, Black, Brindle, and White ​Puppies occasionally available.


Hypoallergenic, non-shedding dogs:

Yorkie, Morkie, and more. 


also called Cavoodle

AKC Cavalier/ AKC Toy Poodle 

Cavapoo are well known cross for non-shedding, and more hypoallergenic then a Cavalier. 



Cavalier King Charles Spaniels! 


West Highland White Terries

Chinese Shar Pei !