Please remember no food is perfect! 

​I highly recommend adding "toppers" to dogs food for variety and interest. (Real people food with no additives, like cooked chicken, beef, green beans, carrots, ect...)

We currently feed Fromm purchased from Four Muddy Paws, in Edwardsville IL. Its a great little pet shop that offers dog washing, training and  list of services and products. Fromm in your area can be found by going to their official website:

We feed Fromm Lamb and Lentil to our pregnant moms in the last 1 to 2 weeks of pregnancy, and moms with puppies. We usually feed Fromm Surf and Turf to the puppies who we have retained, to any of our potential moms, or bred moms and studs. 

Some of the stud dogs, the rescued dogs and anyone who is on just maintenance, or spayed/neutered we feed Fromm Classic. We will add some of the other 2 foods above to their food for variety also.

There are other Fromm foods that are great, we just have not used them.

We have tried many, many dry foods over the years. Many are great for a few months or a couple years, and then we see strange things happening in the dogs. Eventually it dawned on me that any food can not be perfect, no matter if its advertised as: "for the life of your dog".

Seriously, how can any man made food be perfect? People don't know everything, new chemicals and needs for those chemicals are discovered all the time.

The healthiest dogs are those who get lots of exercise, and a variety of real foods. Look at the label of what you eat, and what is in most dog foods. Both can be scary. 

Wetting any dry dog food and letting it absorb the water, before giving it to them is said to help the dog digest the food better. We would have  hard time doing that as we like to full feed our dogs and puppies. I cant afford to throw away and waste wet food not eaten. We do wet puppies foods when they are very young. 


Kim, my daughter has gone from a high end coorpertate world for 18 years, where she was the only female and also the youngest ever to be promoted to the position she held until being a stay at home mom this summer. I could not be more proud of my grown kids for being honest, kind, harding working members of society. :)

Since she was a child she trained our dogs, and the crazy horses we would bring home. She has more patience and more persistence then any person I have ever met. Absolutely perfect for training! Plus she loves animals and its all done with their best interest at heart. 


Now that she has time she is going to train a limited number of horses in the basics of eventing for her instructor who has retired race horses. The horses can be hot headed, and are always a very sensitive lot. The horses just bloom under her riding! 

We have had families getting our puppies ask if we can start to housebreak them and start basic training before they bring the puppy home. I just did not have the time to offer that service.

Kim has agreed to board and train any puppies/dogs from our kennel for clients who would like that service.

Puppies will be well socialized with children, other dogs and cats. In addition they will be housebroken (or well started depending on how long the puppy is in training) taught to walk on a leash, crate trained, and learn "sit." $95. a week fee, a fraction of what trainers or boarding usually is.   

She may be willing to board and train other puppies, but will have some age, and vaccinations requirements. Price may also be different. Older puppies and dogs are much harder to re-train then puppies are to start correctly. Plus since she has children, dogs, and cats she will not put any of them at risk if an older puppy, or dog is having aggression issues.

​In Pasadena CA a client has recommended and certified trainer who has a lot of experience and has done wonders with their Westie:
Szashe Rowland

Canine Massage Therapist

​Ashley Edwards is a certified Canine and Equine massage therapist. It is wonderful for dogs in sports, and dogs recovering from injuries, or older dogs who are just stiff a sore. You should see them melt under her hands! 

​You can contact her directly at 217-320-8971,

or her Facebook page: Hands Of Love Equine & Cainine Massage Therapy

Just started this page to list customers recommendation of trainers, massage therapists and any other recommendations we can think of. Please feel free to email me if you have a trainer who you just love what they have helped you and your dog with!