With the old website going down, loosing all that information plus so much happening on the farm I'm sorry to say I haven't had time to add the many wonderful updates, and photos families send me. I am going to try to add at least one a week! I have hundreds and wish I could add them all at once. I am pretty slow at this website building though!

Cris has instagram with many terrific photos of her westies and a terrific Etsy store with lots of cute dog bandanas, a calendar with her Westies, bow's and more! Check it out, so creative and adorable. I know I need to order some!

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Annie is a westie she rescued and now about 6 years old. Tony, a Muffin-Magnum son, is the puppy she adopted from us. 

From Cris:

"Yes you can share it and you can put a note on there, maybe the Instagram account www.instagram.com/anniethewestie since it has a link to my dog accessory store. 
I only groom Annie and Tony because of bad grooming experiences I had with Annie before. I am stripping him and using a rake kind of tool to take the dead hair, since his hair is so coarse. 
I registered him as Laurel's Anthony Wallace the Brave. He is a very good boy (loud mouth sometimes), very happy, loves everybody except little children he is afraid of them (he still don't get what they are), likes all dogs and now he is starting to get more cuddly wanted to sit close to you and be petted (couldn't stay still before). 
Thank you,

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This email is long overdue!  My family adopted Tiny Tim (aka Chi Chi) almost 2.5 years ago.  He is known by Dudley now.  I want to thank you for all that you do to give dogs like Dudley another chance.  I saw a video clip tonight of a dog being treated kindly for the first time and I was so moved by that, that I had to let you know that your efforts were well worth it for Dudley's sake.  We treat him with lots and lots of TLC.  He is a quirky little guy that goes belly up whenever he faces dilemmas!  If he could speak I think he would tell you that he is a very happy fella!  He lives with 2 other dogs, a 9 yr old female chow/lab mix and a 7 yr old male chihuahua/Pomeranian. Dudley is around 4 yrs old now.  They are a great cohesive pack.  Dudley has learned a lot from the other dog's experience and calm demeanors.  He also lives with 2 cats and a ferret.  Dudley and Oscar the ferret enjoy playing chase around the house.  Dudley also loves to rough house with Dash the chihuahua mix if they haven't gotten enough outside exercise.  We hike off leash, almost without exception everyday at one of the many parks or trails we are fortunate to have in the Milwaukee/Waukesha area.  Dudley is only leashed when we walk in the neighborhood.  He enjoys a life of freedom around our big yard since overcoming his desire to chase joggers and bikers :).  We have a pool in our back yard which he does NOT care to enter but he does love to lounge on the cement deck on sunny days to soak up the rays.  We take him along with the other 2 canines on most of our travels and he has learned to be a good camping (trailer) buddy.  He also has really toughed-up to Wisconsin weather, rarely choosing to sit walks out because of the cold.  He has many coats to keep him warm so he doesn't have to get left behind. There are some winter days when he uses his better judgement and opts out of our hike in the snow!!  My kids that are still living at home,12 yr old daughter and 20 yr old son, and my husband all adore him too.  I make it my goal to enrich his life along with our other pets every day.  He fulfills our need for a companion and "baby" to hug and love but we never forget he is a dog and has canine needs to fulfill as well.  Thank you again for allowing us to adopt Dudley into our family.  Bless you and your family for your hard work and the sacrifices you make on behalf of all the dogs you rescue. (Cindy T.)

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Photos by Cindy T.

Photo by Amy P.

Hi Laurel,
Sending you a note to let you know that Beau is such a wonderful dog.  
I took him in to a vet appointment this week and the vet predicts that he will top out at 12 pounds!  So, we were just wondering what Colt and Pickles weigh?  Just curious. Our Westies, Willy and Buddy both weighed more than 20 pounds as adults.  
Beau is such a sweetheart!  His highlight of the day is walking our daughter Lily to and from school.  He is so social and loves greeting everyone.  When I am working at home, he is nestled up behind me in my chair to keep me company.  When I am showering, he is on the bath mat. When I'm in the kitchen, he is curled up at my feet.  Love him!  (Amy P.)

Hi Laurel!

I hope you are doing well. I wanted to give you a little update on our puppy that we adopted from you on 2/20.

We named him Ernie, he has two best friends (his 9yo Westie brother, JD, and my sister's 2yo white German Shepherd), and loves shoes (sadly, mine...).

He will soon have his very own fenced in backyard too, as my fiancé and I just purchased our first home.

I have attached a couple pictures so you can see how he's grown.

He was also neutered yesterday (7/27), and I was wondering what you need in order to transfer his microchip to us, especially since we are moving in two weeks.

Hope all is well with you and your family!

Kind regards, (Lisa K.