2 kittens, one almost dead rescued 11-3-17. Sorry pictures day we got them didn't turn out well. We were too busy getting fleas off them, and some food in them, and a place set up to keep them to worry about photos.

The one, a girl, was full of energy even though so starved she was snarling and ready to attack anyone, or her brother who got near the food when we fed her. 

The little boy was so weak he could barley stand and would just lay down, and hung limply when you picked him up, even while getting a bath he was limp. :( He didn't even want to eat. He was only 13 ounces, even after being fed. I used a dropper to get some warm fresh goat milk into him. He was happy to swallow the milk. After 2 days he was lapping out of a bowl and would eat a bit of kitten food if soaked in the milk. The girl had mellowed out nd didn't snarl over the food as it was available at all times. 

More about them in their album on the Facebook page, DreamCatcher Hill puppies in Brighton IL. 

The old website had the history about how I had spayed and neutered 18 cats the first 2 years I lived on the farm. I don't really even like cats much. I had one cat I kept food out for at all times. We didn't know the previous farm owners abandoned their 6 plus cats in the dead of winter when they moved out and put the farm up for sale. We moved in 4-1-2003. The cats had fended for themselves for 4 months, through the worst of winter! I'm not sure how many cats the people had left behind but we found skeletons and kitten sculls in every farm building we cleaned out. It was infuriating to me that people are so callous and and heartless. 

​Needless to say the neighbors cats also moved their kittens to our place too. We had a feel cat also with 2 half grown kittens following her around start showing up.

We know for a fact healthy cats are fed cats, and they will catch mice better then a half starved cat! There were lots of mice around, before we started feeding the cats. Now we rarely see a mouse. Out here in the country field mice are just a part of a field. If there is food in the barn for chickens, or horses then they move in and are quite prolific without natural predators and/or cats around.  


The other cats that made their way here over the years and also had their own story.

We have been so busy I just haven't had a chance to do anything with this page. I finally started on the page when 2 more pitiful kittens needed help. 

My son, Keith, who professes to not like cats has 2 kittens from the place up the road. That place seems to always have sickly sad uncared for kittens. I never see them, but Aryne did and picked up 2 she could catch. Their eyes were so matted they simply couldn't try to hide or run way well.

She took them to Keiths, and called me asking what to do for them. Keith had just moved next door and there were lots of mice. The only cat seemed to be one from our place that they seen. The people and a big dog and I don't know if he was good with cats or not. The place was not kept up. He wanted cats for catching the mice. 

Its too funny that he talks about the kittens as much as the dogs. He even commented how they run out to see him soon as he gets home and follow him everywhere. As he is holding and petting them! Keith is actually cat person! lol! 

Kittens 6 days later! Bright eyed, bushy tailed and ready to play! Its amazing what a warm dry place to live, food and water can do for a kitten in such a short time! The boy is already 1 pound 3 ounces! The girl 1 pound 9 ounces. I didn't think to weigh her when we got her. She was skinny, but not near as bad as the boy. 

​They need homes! Here they will become one of the many spayed and neutered farm cats. We already have about 14. Most are 14 years old now, although they are doing great.