These are a few of the past rescues we have had the pleasure to meet and help on their journey to a new happy life! 

Puppies and adults who have had a good home love their family and it is easy for them to love and bond with their new family, their names can also be changed and they adjust quickly to the new name, even old dogs.

We do a lot of rescue so we don't know if the dog has even had a name or what it is. They still adjust beautifully!

True some who have not had a good past life, or simply no training may be a bit of a handful at first. Dogs are mans best friend and much more adaptable then most people could ever hope to be. Please always consider adopting a rescued pet before getting a puppy! 

Rescued groups often have dogs in foster homes so you know a bit about the pet. Shelters, or animal control facilities vary greatly. Some are more like cattle stock yards. They have no care or concern for any of them. Others try to adopt out even the very difficult or disabled dogs. Someones lost pet who is a complete doll may be on the euthanasia list. 

Please microchip all pets! It's often the only way for a pet to be reunited back with its family. 

Rescued pets specifically listed on each page devoted to them. Well once I get the website finished. 

Photos and info coming soon on each of the specific pages!

We have 11 rescued dogs who would all love a real home and family. We have placed almost 200 rescued dogs into new terrific homes over the last couple years. Four Paws Sake in Maryvill IL has a wonderful foster based rescue. Please check out her FB page and fill in an application if your in the area and would like to foster or are interested in adopting.  

Our farm cares for 14 rescued cats, several who would LOVE to be house pets!! 

Plus we have several horses we have rescued, a couple ducks, and a pot bellied pig. 

Their stories were all on the original website. I haven't had time to re-write it all!