Slide show is mostly past puppies who have been adopted already. Current puppies, when he has any, are pictured below. 

They are bouncy, tail wagging, cuddle bugs, the cutest things ever! Some of the cutest pictures I have taken too :)

Dilly and Whitey had 5 puppies 9-21-17. All are white! She is a really sweet mom and all the puppies have done great. 

​First photos at 6 days old, 2 boys together and 3 girls together, more photos at 9 and 10 weeks old. Super cute! 


Uncle Al has been on the search for an unrelated Merle or Dark silver AKC male if anyone knows another quality breeder or may have quality dogs with one available for adoption or trade.

All the puppies have been adopted. 

As Uncle Al says over and over, "Aren't they just beautiful?!"

Uncle Al's AKC Registered Pug Puppies AVAILABLE in IL

Uncle Al with his girls are on the parent page, plus misc pictures of family and friends with the Pugs. 

My Uncle Al moved in with us over 4 years ago. I'll add lots more history on the parent page as I have time to update the website. He is a retired teacher and principle. His last 15 years, or so he taught learning disabled children and felt it was the best job of his life. He often talks about "his" kids. No doubt one of those creative open minded teachers who have the child's best interest at heart!  :) 

​My Uncle also believes in health testing. They have all had OFA eye exams done by an actual ophthalmologist, and its not required but most also have hearts checked by a cardiologist. Plus once they are 2 years old they will have OFA hip and patella examinations completed, which may have been done after I worked on this update.   

​We believe pets are a part of the family. Please don't consider a puppy unless you plan to be his or her family for life. 

If your not sure your up to a puppy and 10 to 18 years of care please consider fostering for a local rescue group to see if a puppy or dog is really right for you. Or maybe adopt a rescued adult Pug. Rescue is always the best! (Do your homework, since a rescued dog needs a home appropriate for their needs as much as a puppy.)

If interested in a puppy please email or call. A puppy can be held with a non-refundable deposit. Remainder due on pick up. Shipping is available although we prefer to meet new families. Page tabs at top of page for specific information on shipping, pick up, puppy information, and/or please email if you any have questions. ​We love to talk puppies and dogs!

My Uncle does not do anything on the computer so has left this up to me. He is best at sitting in the chair and holding the puppies and dogs, or supervising "recess" when they play in the back yard together. :) 


I don't know what is funnier, watching the pug puppies play, or Uncle Al playing with them at "recess!"​ 

"Mom's expecting"

AKC "Sally Cant Dance" (Sugar and Sonnyboys daughter) has just been bred to AKC Hank, an adorable fawn we "rent". She is brindle. They both carry fawn, white, black, and brindle so we could get any color in their litter. They were due in February, but it is looking like she has missed. :(

AKC Lily is in season (December ) but she's not sure she likes Hank. She is white (Glitter and Whitey's daughter). If she changes her mind, (Hank really likes her....) She may also have puppies in February also! She never did decide she liked Hank, that we seen. She was out in the play yard with him a few times so we were hoping...

Debbie and Tilly should be coming in soon and we have found another really nice male pug up north we will probably breed them to when the time comes.