Welcome to DreamCatcher Hill! 

I originally started a website in 2009 to make it easy and fun to learn about my Westies 

 I have raised a small number purebred puppies for over 30 years, growing as my humane family has also grown.

Over time I have added pages and updated the farm name from Laurel's West Highland White Terriers to DreamCatcher Hill, as our furry family has grown to include our rescued dogs, horses, Art's adorable loving Cavaliers, the super-wrinkly, smart Shar Pei, and ever silly happy Frenchies. My Uncle AL who moved here in 2013 added Pugs! I can now understand how people call them the clowns of the dog world. In 2016 my aging mother and aunt also moved here full time. We're building them their own little house here on the farm. Fortunately we were even able to make room for my cousin, Brenda, who has moved here May 2016. She has been a huge help, not sure what I would do without her! Unfortunately I had to figure out what I would do without her as she has gone back to her ex-husband up north in November 2016. Aryne, a young mom with 3 little boys, we met in December 2016 moved in April 2017. She needed a place and we needed help with paperwork and getting the house for my mom and aunt completed. (Boy that paragraph had a lot of adjectives! My grammar is terrible, I wanted even more in there....)

Family, both the people, and our furry and feathery friends are always top of our priority list!

I have specialized in the breeding of AKC West White Highland Terriers for over 25 years. My beautiful Westies, and now our AKC Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, AKC Toy and Miniature Chinese Shar Pei, and newest AKC French Bulldogs, my Uncles AKC Pugs, designer crosses, and more are loved and raised on my 20 acre farm in Brighton, Illinois.

I had never intended to have more then 1 or 2 breeds - the history of how each breed came to be loved and share our home is on each breeds parent page, such as Art with his love of Cavaliers, and Uncle Al with his Pugs. Also many photos of both adult parents, current puppies, and past puppies. I try to keep the website pretty current so no need to wonder if information is years old.

Over the last 30 years the farm has expanded into a diverse family of relatives, and friends, both human and otherwise! Throughout the site you will find information about available puppies: Westies, Cavaliers, Shar Pei, French Bulldogs, and Uncle Al's Pugs, desohplus information on the farm, rescued horses, rescued dogs (many available for adoption!) Miniature Donkeys and many other things.

There are stories about some of our many rescues, such as Charley on the rescued dog page. We also have lots of other rescues waiting here for a real home of their own who are wonderful dogs. Please check in if interested in a rescued dog. I may also be able to recommend how to find a rescue dog if we don't have what your looking for. Always consider a rescue dog first!

If you are interested in a puppy, or have found us through an advertisement or other pet site, please enjoy our website and feel free to contact us for more information that you may not have found here.  Tabs to navigate through the site are located above in drop down boxes from each heading. Just click and enjoy.

I look forward to helping you choose your happy, healthy, furry, family member!

Sorry I don't have the links below working yet. 

I am not very good on the computer but had recently added a facebook page to help families find us, it has mostly turned into education about dog topics, and dogs in need https://www.facebook.com/dreamcatcherhillpuppies/

(Also a big thank you to Christopher Smith. He set up the original website www.laurelswesties.com. When it was hacked he was able to save most of the text and some of the photos. In addition he was able to direct www.laurelswesties.com to this new website, when there was no way to recover the original. He has been a big help! 

A fun website that has some great information about Westies, and all kinds of other animals domestic and wild is: http://www.smallanimalplanet.com 

You can also find us on our advertising websites occasionally. I don't always keep the information on the ad's current. These are usually clickable buttons, but I will have to try to learn how to add links to add them as clickable.  




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