Lolly 1 yr, 11-16-11 (Lucy-Seth) As adorable as she is she has been adopted as a pet. We are very picky who we will breed. Her new family LOVES her!" "This is Bert, Billie and Shermans boy, kept him and his brother unsure who would be a future daddy dog. Bert, as adorable as he is has been adopted out. I have new photos of his brother Ernie who is now a daddy, and even more adorable/handsome! Billie and Sherman are their parents.

 The first Westies my children and I owned were Comet, my daughter's dog and Star, my son's dog. Both would go camping with us, visiting to friends and relatives homes even out of state and were always very well mannered, welcomed guests. So many people would comment they couldn't believe we didn't have them on a leash and won’t they run off to chase a critter? they are terriers right? It is very hard to explain training. Well-trained dogs of all breeds will come when called and behave (at least most of the time) with persistent correct training. Some breeds/personalities do require lots of practice, more insistence on following rules, and may not come real fast when they really would rather go chase that critter…. Comet and Star were very easy to train.

Pippy is a Seth and Cristy daughter. She will be a future mom.

The grooming expo near Chicago borrowed her for their demo Westie. Everyone who met her and her mother Cristy, who also got to go, loved them. 


I have always had all the Westies checked thoroughly by our veterinarian, including eyes and patellas. We started doing the official paperwork and exams in hopes of getting all the Westies CHIC certified a few years ago. Please google CHIC and OFA to learn more. CERF eye exams, OFA patellas and OFA hips are the requirements for CHIC in Westies. Update 2013: Sometime after our 2012 appointment and before the 2013 appointment OFA purchased CERF somehow. So eyes now are also certified by OFA and no longer by CERF.

Dale 3,5 yrs 6-19-1.

We have had 9 CERF examinations done and wonderfully every one has been normal. (We do exams at least yearly, see updates for 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 below.) We have also done the paperwork, exams, x-rays, (and expense) for 5 to have hips and patella’s OFA certified. The veterinarian does the patella exam so we know all are fine, just have to send in the report and fee for an OFA number. We started with the 4 males in our breeding program and one young female, Kami. All our females over 2 years old were in heat or had babies at the time we went so they could not have hip x-rays done. Kami was the only female over 12 months who was not in heat, or had babies. (you don't x-ray hips for OFA 6 weeks before or after being in heat or 8 weeks after weaning babies.

Andy 2.5yrs (Dale & Angela son) 7-14-11 Andy has been adopted by a great person who wanted to improve their bloodlines. He is now siring puppies in WA.  " Andy 2.5yrs (Dale & Angela son) 7-14-11

For the dogs under 2 years of age they will get a prelim status for their hips. For complete OFA hip certification they must be over 2 years of age. At 12 months of age they can have patella’s OFA certified. Dale, Andy, Seth, Jake and Kami have been tested so far.  Dale (Laurels Dale of Lone Oak), and Andy (Laurels Raggedy Andy) are over 2 yrs of age. They have OFA good Hips, normal Patella’s and both have normal CERF eye exams. Both are now CHIC certified. They are listed on the CHIC website. Seth, Jake and Kami were over 12 months but under 2 yrs so they have OFA Patella’s, and Prelims on hips. They have passed with OFA fair and good hips. All have also had normal CERF eye exams (see updates in later years for their completed status). When they are over 2 year's of age I can take them to be re-x rayed for OFA hips and they will then be CHIC certified also. (Due to expense I will first work on getting all of the dogs x-rayed at least once before I will retest those who are already good) The other 4 who were CERF tested also are certified normal; Bailey Sue, Karmon, Alaina, and Lori. My goal is to have them all testedAndy as a puppy. Angela & Dales boy 6 weeks, 4 days 3-02-09

We have been to the annual health clinic and Sherman, Magnum, Ruger, and Karmon have all had their eyes tested and passed CERF with normals. In addition the boys all had Brucellosis testing as required by state and lots had rabies vaccinations, besides health testing for the Cavaliers and Shar Peis discussed on their pages respectively. The goal to have Karmons re-done is to have her CERF current to get CHIC status before we retire her. We will be doing hip x-rays and patellas for OFA later this year, trying to time the moms to be at the right stage between heat cycles and puppies, which both effect the hip joints and how they will rate for OFA.

 We took another vehicle full of westies to the clinic and had lots more tested. Sorry I have made a mess of my paperwork so I cant remember who had what without looking it up, memory doesn't work either anymore! Fortunately its all written down and we have certificates neatly filed with their registrations, I hope. I need a chart. Some have been retired and some are young and new parent prospects. All our studs are full health tested and we wont breed them unless they pass everything. Many of the moms are also tested now, also we would not breed them unless they passed any testing done

Cristy at 6 years old. Just spayed days before the photo, also had OFA patellas and hip evaluations done and she passed both and has good hips. Great for a 6 year old. She has gone into her new home already.  She is a Dale and Crissy daughter

We took all our male Westies to the clinic. We have 6 now! Sherman is going to be 11 years old in May! He is already CHIC certified and since last year the ophthalmologist said he is simply getting normal aging seen in his eyes we seen no need to have them tested this year so he just got the yearly brucelosis test which is required by sate for all male dogs who are breeding age every year. Magnum, Ernie, Colt, Seth, and Alvin all passed eye exams with normals, plus brucellosis was done and any who needed vaccinations. We will make an appointment for Seth and Magnum to have hips x-rayed at our vets since Magnum is now over 2 years old, and somehow I missed having Seth''s hips x-rayed for OFA. They both already have OFA patellas. The others are all under 2 years old so not old enough to be OFA certified. Since the Westies of our bloodline have all been so good about passing exams we took more Shar Peis and Cavaliers because they are much more likely to have a problem that as responsible breeders we would not want to breed them.  I was going to get some great photos of the "boys" but it was pouring down rain when we loaded up to go, after dark and raining again when we got home. Now its 3 days later and they are all dirty again. I may have to just take photos of typical dirt covered playing in the yard Westies!\r\n\r\n<strong>Update 4-2014: </strong>Help! this spring has been way TOO busy! Baby goats, many, many rescued dogs saved, and I am still behind on paperwork and updates! We did go to the health clinic with as many dogs as we could fit in our "new to us" mini-van Art bought. All the male westies went: Alvin, Sherman, Colt, Magnum, Ernie, and Seth. I can''t see the paperwork to remember who else went. I think my brain is on permanent overload and refuses to remember anything more then 2.5 minutes prior!\r\n\r\n<a href=""><img class="alignnone size-thumbnail wp-image-2987" title="Muppet, Jenny and Seth''s daughter. Her full sister Muffin look just like her. We love the mini van! Heat and air-conditioning, all dogs in sight. We take all the seats out and we have lots of room for dogs! All the Westies we took passed their eye exams again, which are done yearly. Once OFA hips and patellas are done once they are not redone, so for the Westies the clinic is great for eye exams by the ophthalmologist. Plus any vaccinations needed and the yearly brucellosis testing thats required for male dogs. The Shar Peis need: Thyroid test, eyes, hips, patellas, and elbows. Cavaliers need cardiac, hips, patellas and eyes.  This fall we will be taking several of the dogs who are now old enough for their OFA hip evaluations to our local vet to x-ray. They then send them off to OFA to be evaluated. (They need to be over 2 years old for OFA hip certification). At the same time we will have them re-examined for patellas so the form can be filled in and send that in to get recorded with OFA. With the rescued dogs we have been going back and forth to the vet constantly getting everyone spayed and neutered, plus whatever else needs done and it put off getting OFA''s done when we had planned. My cousin came up for a few weeks and worked on paperwork so halfway caught up now. Hoping he will come back and do the rest of it. Art and I have the best "job" in the world. (well except the paperwork part!) We get to play with puppies and parents, and are constantly entertained by their antics and the things they get into! My oldest grown daughter once sat on the chair watching Art and I laugh over the silly things the dogs were doing and exclaimed "oh! I get it now!" "your entertainment is the dogs!" We live in the middle of no-where and go to town as seldom as possible, she had never understood why we love to be home. Her joy is visiting friends, shopping, going on trips. Amazed it took almost 30 years for her to have this realization. :)\r\n\r\n<strong>Update 3-2015: </strong>We took all the male Westies in to the vet''s for hip x-rays for submitting to OFA and also the exam to submit the results for patellas. Sherman was retired earlier in the year, but is already CHIC certified. Sherman has gone into a retirement home. Colt and Ernie are not over 2 years old as required for OFA certification for hips so they will have hip x-ray''s done when they are over 2 year old. The vet does the exam to determine if patellas are good or not, and only needs to submit the form stating they are good in order to have OFA patellas. He examined patellas on Ernie, and Colt and they are good so we will get OFA certification on them. Seth''s and Magnum''s patellas have already been OFA certified when they were younger. Seth and Magnum had hips x-rayed and are now OFA certified and CHIC certified. Seth had hip x-ray''s done when he was under 2 years old, they are called prelim''s if under 2 years old and he passed then. OFA is extra picky but but looking good to a vet is much better then looking poor, or never doing the X-rays and not knowing at all.  We also had Cristy, Peaches, and Alvin''s hips and patellas done. Patellas are all good per the vet, so we will get OFA patella certification for all 3. OFA will exam the hip X-rays and we will see what they say as above. We plan to take more in to the vets this fall. We fell behind when we did so many dog rescues last year and the year before. Cristy''s OFA hips results are back and she''s OFA good. Concerned the vet forgot to submit her patella evaluation, which he said she already passed, so OFA only needs the form he mails to them. She''s already gone to her new home and I can''t remember if she has ever gone for her eye exam, if she has she will get a CHIC certification. Peaches passed everything and is now CHIC certified too. Billie passed eyes and patellas and her hips were done later, we are waiting for her results. The vet said they looked good.\r\n\r\nThe health clinic for things that must be done by a specialist (cardiologist, and ophthalmologist)was while I was be gone to my daughters wedding in April this year. Art  took the dogs, with my uncle going to help. They had fun! The clinic had an ophthalmologist there to do the OFA eye exams, the third exam Westies are recommended to have done. OFA hips and patellas are done once in a lifetime at a minimum age. Eyes are checked yearly. The boys all went last year and all passed. If they get OFA hips they will be issued a CHIC certification. CHIC means the breed recommended health testing has been all done for that dog. Sherman, Dale, and Andy we did all testing on and got them CHIC certified (who are fathers or grandfathers of most of our puppies). Now the current boys: Seth, Alvin, Magnum, and mom Peaches have all also been completed and they are CHIC certified as well. The vet couldn''t remember Cristy and so he wouldn''t fill out the form for her patellas. Very frustrating since she has been retired and now lives on the east coast, and I do remember him saying they were good. Without that form she can''t be CHIC certified, but she does have OFA good hips and OFA eyes.  We kept back her son, Crisco Slick for a future daddy dog. We kept back 2 of Peaches daughters for future moms since Peaches will be retired fall 2015 at 6 years old when we retire most of our moms.\r\n\r\n<strong>Photos:</strong>\r\n\r\nKeep in mind if you have a cute Westie they can be adorable when all shaggy, or trimmed up like Billie here. It was winter so Billie was only lightly trimmed. Pictures were few days apart, just before delivering her last litter of puppies. She''s 5 years old. I am getting better at how to trim a Westie after a couple went to a grooming expo so I could copy what they did, and watching U-tube videos. Always something new to learn. Billie, Before getting a hair cut. See after picture. Billie, after getting a light hair cut. She is a Dale and Lucy daughter. She has OFA eyes and Patellas. At the time of this update we are waiting on the OFA evaluation for her hips. She will be CHIC certified if her hips are also good. The vet thought they looked great. She is now spayed and has always been my grandsons dog, only here to have puppies a few times. Everyone wants a Westie after meeting her!


I do not have every current parent pictured yet, its a work in progress. (Check the About Westies page to read about grooming to see why I spend more time grooming then photographing my fun loving westies!)  Besides getting out to play and getting very dirty going in the pastures and under buildings our play yards are gravel, or lawn, so picture a white T-shirt rolled around in gravel, grass, and drug under sheds... They don''t look very white unless kept indoors and walked on a leash or manicured lawn! I love getting pictures of our grown up babies all white, clean, and without the sun bleaching on their coats.\r\n\r\nI tried to have a few pictures of the same dog so you can see body type and different expressions, and some I have pictures of them as both a puppy and adult. So if the name is the same from photo to photo it is the same dog. (example there are pictures of Griffey as a baby and several growing to adulthood.) I also have parents noted on some so you can look at them and also find their mother and father.\r\n\r\n<a href=""><img class="alignnone wp-image-2974 size-thumbnail" title="This is a good picture of one of our really cute, small, and super sweet Westie Puppy named Cupie Doll -- Apple Pie and Sherman''s daughter. Part of how we determine which dogs to breed:</strong>\r\n\r\nWritten in 2012: Since I have had westies for over 19 years I do adopt unrelated male dogs often enough to keep from inbreeding.

The year 2012 was different as Jake from Scottish Kilts Kennel was my new daddy dog who I had great expectations for, as a dad and show potential. He turned out to be a carrier of CMO, and he was too tall so he unfortunately didn''t work out for breeding in our program. He has been neutered and adopted out as a pet. I was blessed Cathy Weese contacted me out of the blue and wanted one of my puppies and offered me Sherman. Although Sherman was over 8 years old he has a terrific history of siring some very cute, healthy puppies. He is super cute, Thank you Cathy Weese! I have taken before pictures and after grooming pictures. Sherman somehow is one of those who unless his coat is short he likes to get dirty. He has SO much coat its amazing! Plus Sherman even at his age has passed all his health testing and is CHIC certified!\r\n\r\nRuger and Gandolf are the youngest male additions to the "pack" and hopefully will also turn out to be excellent daddy''s with more new bloodlines. So far Gandolf has picture perfect Westie body type and Ruger is very cute with a terrific agreeable personality and thick coat. He is turning into a very handsome boy. Thank you Cindy Erickson! <strong>Update 3-12</strong>; Unfortunately Gandolf grew and developed a under-bite, the second puppy from Cindy with a bad bite. We don''t use any for breeding if they have major faults, since it is very hereditary. Gandolf has been neutered and adopted out as a pet. We now have Magnum from Cindy, but unknown until his registration arrived he is not of her bloodlines so I do not know anything about the health of his background other then the brief note on his breeders website that they have no skin issues. His parent pictures I found are average Westies. He did pass his CERF and we hope will improve in looks as he is not as cute as our westies, but is a nice average. He is at a teenage stage, 8 months, which they do often look a bit silly, and had a different hair cut. I am still looking for another quality male who is unrelated. New bloodlines are important for genetic diversity and to prevent in-breeding so I am very glad to have him. Ruger is turning out very nice and still has a terrific personality! He also passed his CERF as did Sherman. :) <strong>Update:</strong> Rugar unfortunately developed a bad patella. So he also has been neutered and adopted out. Sherman is now over 10 and going to be getting past the age of breeding at anytime now. Magnum has proven to be a nice westie and crossed with our smaller westies will help keep the size down. Hes about 18 pounds and only 2 years old. He''s a handsome rugged looking classic boy. Colt we kept is a Karmon and Magnum son and very cute and so far looks excellent. He passed his eye and patella exam and is not old enough for OFA hips yet. He is small like Karmons side of the family and has cute little ears. We also kept 2 Sherman boys from Billies litter. Bert and Ernie. They are very young and so far both look great. Bert has a too soft of a coat, but many people ask for that. Update: We adopted Bert out and kept Ernie. We thought Ernie fit the AKC standard a bit better, both are super cute and have great personalities! Alvin is the youngest. He is a Andy and Lindsey son. Since both Andy and Andys father are CHIC certified now, he will be our 3rd generation that has health testing on the dads side at least. Moms are always vet checked at the minimum. I wish there was a second clinic later in the year so we could take more dogs there! We can only take so many at one time on the only day its offered.\r\n\r\n<a href=""><img class="alignnone size-thumbnail wp-image-2975" title="Colt as a young dog. He was the very first dog Cora, the white rescue dog in the foreground, could handle being around. He has a great personality, like his mom Karmon. His father is Magnum. He plays with Cora and has helped her adjust well enough we can add different westie girls to their &quot;play group&quot;  now. Cora has some issues and I don''t know that we will ever be able to find her a home.

I wish more breeders did health testing to improve the breed, unfortunately many, like the breeder we got our last 3 stud prospects who didn''t work from, do not believe in health testing so theres no way to know if they have eye or hip problems (the vet can feel the patellas). Fortunately in Westies it is not as common to have problems, although just like other breeds that have become popular it will become much worse with time if breeders do not test. I have discovered the Shar Peis have huge issues due to this very problem, many do not test them at all for anything. So many have problems and the breeders are sticking their head in the sand instead of working with what the breed has that is good and working to improve the issues. Fortunately in Cavaliers there are more quality breeders who do lots of health testing and in their bloodlines it has already made a huge difference compared to those who do not do testing and still produce puppies with major health problems. Our cavaliers have all passed everything so far since we researched the bloodlines and want to be a part of those who are improving the breed. I do not know what to do with all the results I received on the Shar Pei''s testing. Very sad every dog but the 2 puppies had at least a mild issue. They are all from very different bloodlines, and are suppose to be top dogs. The problem of breeders not health testing! Even the Shar Pei breed club is begging people to health test their dogs since most breeders wont. They are afraid of the results. I pray the Westie bred does not fall to ruin (health wise) like the Shar Peis have. We are doing our part to keep them healthy!\r\n\r\n<img class="alignright size-thumbnail wp-image-683" title="Anjolene 3.5yrs (Cole &amp; Angela daughter) 7-14-11 Angela has been retired and is now living the good life as the center of attention, the new family coudnt be happier with her :)" src="" alt="Anjolene 3.5yrs (Cole &amp; Angela daughter) 7-14-11" width="150" height="150" /> Sorry I haven''t figured out how to place the pictures in any kind of order in the gallery section below. The website seems to stick them in randomly…. It also likes to drop the text I put on the photos that you can only see when you hold the mouse on a photo.\r\n\r\n<strong>Every dog pictured is not still here with me,</strong> many have been retired and adopted living with their new family loving the individual attention they get, and sadly some have gone over the rainbow bridge to a forever happy place. They all have been related, or parents of our puppies at some point in the past or currently.\r\n\r\nClick on the photo to read even more about the sire and dam, (dad and mom) use back button to return to this page.

CHIC, (Canine Health Information Center) means they have had all the recommended health testing done by the appropriate specialist, recommended for their breed.

In Westies the recommended tests are: eyes, patellas and hips. OFA (Orthopedic Foundation Association) for hips and CERF (Canine Eye Registration Foundation), or OFA for eyes are approved board certified specialist's. Patellas are examined by a general veterinarian, but to be OFA certified the veterinarian fills out the form and mails it to OFA who then issues the certificate. 

I will add more parents, grandparents, great grand parents, photos asap. Some are here. Some are retired now, and I don't have photos of all of them yet. I am wondering if a slide show is better then just photos on the page? Feel free to email me opinions for improvements such as what may make things easier for someone browsing the website to read. 

Until I can get the website all put together…. Below is part of the information saved from the old website. It contains some of the text, but none of the many photos. Some were lost completely :( In addition text has formatting errors from how it was saved and is simply a mess. It didn't save from the other website the same way it looked before the website went down.

I thought I will edit it out later but at least its here for those who want parent information and can understand it needs LOTS of editing yet. You can see what a huge job it is for just this page, and to think of all the other pages yet to do.​....

Thank you so much for visiting!

West Highland White Terrier Parent Page

In the slide show are some of the many certifications our Westies have for OFA, and CERF. There are also age requirements for getting certification. They will issue a preliminary report if the dog has not reached the age requirement. For eyes I believe its any age over 8 weeks old, but it may be 1 year for the certificate. They do get examined as early as 8 weeks old. For Patellas they need to be over 1 year old. For Hips they need to be over 2 years old. 

This page is dedicated to the fathers and mothers of our Westie puppies. In 2014, I FINALLY learned how to trim them much closer to how a professional would trim a Westie! (it only took 20 years!) Stripping is not needed unless you are going to show.  

A lot of people are interested in the family history of their Westie puppy. There were pictures of puppy's parents, past parents, grandparents and even great grandparents, some even 4 to 6 generations back on the original website. I am very slowly trying to find the old photos and ad them here.

Some dogs on the page are even future parents! We even have a couple here who didnt make the cut.