We will always take one of our puppies, or dogs back at anytime in the future. If something unforeseen happens, and the puppy/dog is no longer able to stay with you then we require him/her to be returned. We will do retraining if needed, or whatever they need. We will then usually find them a new family. Dogs are wonderfully adaptable and although they never forget their original family who raised them, they do love their new family just as much.

It opens up the option for the elderly who love having a pet to have help to be able to maintain a pet as long as possible, without fear of who will take the pet when needed, we will! Unconditional love is very important, especially to those who are lonely. You wouldn't have to worry about taking in a pet you can't have, or don't want if a loved one can no longer keep him as we will always accept them back.  

As an example of how well they adapt;

We currently have Bea, one of our Shar Pei, in a pet home. We were needing less full time house dogs with my aunt moving in and worried about her allergies. Shar Pei seem to affect more people then other breeds. Bea was always in the house and had never been in the kennel. She's a super smart girl and would not be happy even part time in a kennel. We had started a "foster to adopt" program. A wonderful family now has her on a contract. We get her when she's in season and will breed her. Then they have her back until she is ready to have puppies, if she does. Once the puppies are weaned they will have her back again. We will do this a set number of times and then she will be spayed and they will keep her full time. 

Its also works great that we puppy-sit her when they go on vacation. Bea is Super happy to see us when we get her, and then Super happy to see them when they get her back! Dogs adapt well, and don't mind having 2 different homes!  

Tucker, one of our stud Cavalier's  is in the same type home. They have him all the time unless we need him for breeding. Tuckers a doll. They had adopted his son a couple years ago, who is a pet and was neutered and they wanted another Cavalier.  Their mother also adopted one of our Cavalier puppies, also a male. The boys all get along fine and Tucker gets all the great attention of being a full time house dog. 

What Comes With your Puppy

​(Thank you for your interest in one of our puppies!) 

  • Lifetime Support. We are always available to help with tips, puppy-sitting, help training. Anything to make everything go as smoothly as possible. Puppies are a lot of work and time. If you give them the time as a little puppy they are super easy well mannered adults. We want our puppies to have great homes and families who cant imagine life without them, and their families to be happy!
  • We send a care package home with each puppy.
  • Flyers on puppy care.
  • a small bag of food the puppy has been eating. Variety varies. We try to change foods every 4 to 6 months. No dog food can be perfect so either adding healthy toppers, or switching foods help balance any slight discrepancies in the food is always a good idea. 
  • Puppy toys.
  • ​Usually we send some FortiFlora a probiotic to help keep their tummies on track as they change to an all new environment.
  • All our puppies have a written health guarantee / spay-neuter contract. Occasionally we will let them go to approved homes without a spay neuter contract for show and/or breeding prospects.  

  • Puppies are up to date on vaccinations. Often they have had 2 sets of puppy shots before going to their new forever home. They are dewormed on a schedule and usually are parasite free by the time they go to a new home (as all puppies are born with parasites. Its a fact of life puppies eat everything and don't have resistance to anything.)